Product Descriptions

ARRIRAW AMA for Avid  
The ARRIRAW AMA Plugin will perform all of the importing, playback, debayer, white balancing, and color correction functions to the ARRIRAW image sequence. Once installed, Avid Media Composer can import and play these files without any sort of conversion, rendering or preprocessing steps. The ARRIRAW will playback as if they were always natively supported by Avid. MORE

Phantom Cine AMA for Avid  
Phantom Cine AMA for Avid allows you to work with Phantom Cine RAW files natively in Avid Media Composer, without rendering or transcoding. On supported systems, you will be able to playback, edit or transcode the RAW ".cine" files with ease. Adjust the color of the image, using the very same color controls that are used on the camera hardware. With the Phantom Cine AMA plugin, you will always have a perfect color match every time. MORE

Phantom Cine Toolkit  
Vision Research creates and manufactures high speed digital cameras that can capture imagery at several thousand frames a second. This Toolkit supports the Phantom V-series cameras from v7 through v640/710 and onwards. The Phantom Flex, Phantom HD and Phantom 65 are also supported. With this Toolkit, MacOSX and Applications will simply "work" with Vision Research Cine Movies. Support for the Finder, Spotlight, Previews, and basic QuickTime Playback is enabled. Other applications that are QuickTime aware, will also work with Phantom Cine Movie file format. MORE

Sťance™ has an intuitive interface which lets you operate your Phantom Camera or Cinestation quickly and efficiently. The User Interface elements clearly identify what is happening with your Cine files, so you can see "at a glance" what is happening . . . even from a distance. Features such as GPU Accelerated Graphics, Drag & Drop and Multi Processing are heavily used throughout the application to make your project's workflow easier, sophisticated and efficient. MORE

ARRIRAW Toolkit  
The ARRIRAW Toolkit allows MacOSX and QuickTime aware applications to be fully compatible with ARRIRAW Image Sequences. Using a new GPU based playback engine, footage from all models of Alexa Camera can be easily used on your Macintosh. Once installed, your Macintosh is fully aware of all aspects of the ARRIRAW file. This includes support for Spotlight, Previews, and basic QuickTime Playback. Other applications that are QuickTime aware, will also work with ARRIRAW file format. MORE

Cineon/Dpx Pro  
Allows MacOSX and any QuickTime enabled Application to work with Cineon or DPX Sequences directly. With this package, Finder becomes fully aware of these files. MacOSX services such as Spotlight, Thumbnail Previews, and basic QuickTime Playback is provided. The Cineon file format is a widely used digital film image format which was developed by Kodak for the Feature Film industry. The DPX digital image file format was developed by SMPTE and is used heavily in the Feature Film and High Definition broadcast industries for production. MORE

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