Ouija® v1.0 for macOS
Native Phantom Cine file Playback on Intel and Apple Silicon computers is here!

Comparison Feature Chart for Seance and Seance LITE


Ouija® is a Phantom® ".cine" file viewer program. You can view and playback the Phantome Cine files in Real Time. In addition, you can trim the timeline, adjust color and export these files out to Apple ProRes MOV files.


Debayer Modes
High Quality Image Mode, Grayscale and RAW Sensor Data debayer modes are available options.

Color Adjustments
Controls include the same color adjustments as the camera and PCC.


SMPTE Timecode
Displaying SMPTE Timecode is an option.

Apple ProRes MOV files
Exporting .cine files to ProRes MOV files is a feature of Ouija. All ProRes compression types are supported.


How Licensing Works
All Glue Tools products are licensed on a "per machine" basis. This means that anyone can use the software on the machine that has the license. If you need to move the license to a new system, you can. Simply use your license code to "Revoke" the license from your system. Once the machine has been revoked, you can go to your new machine and activate it. There are no restrictions or limitations on the number of times you can move your license.

Minimum System Requirements:
- Intel or Apple Silicon Macintosh
- Storage that is faster than 200Mb/S
- macOS 10.14 (Mojave) or later.
(These specifications are subject to change.)


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