Séance™ v3.0 and Séance™ v3.0 Lite for macOS

Binary installer for “Séance v3.0 for macOS” and “Séance v3.0 Lite for macOS”:
(Runs in demo mode until a license is purchased.)


Demo Features
  • Can only work with first 2 cines from the cinemag
  • Only the first 1,000 frames can be downloaded
  • Recording is disabled
  • Erase Cinemag is disabled
  • ProRes downloads are disabled.

  This software is compatible with Apple Silicon and Intel Macintosh Computers.

This software has been created for macOS 10.13.5 and later. To work with the downloaded Cine files, the Phantom Cine Toolkit is needed along with QuickTime 7.6.6.

Flex4K Bundle users will not be able to use this version. Please download:
Séance™ Flex4K v2.0
Séance™ Flex4K v2.1 with ProRes support.

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