Cineon/DPX Toolkit for MacOSX & Demo Features

Cineon/DPX Toolkit for MacOSX
Cineon/DPX Toolkit provides an easy way to load and save Cineon or DPX film (or High Def) images into QuickTime. Any application that is QuickTime aware can access all aspects of the Cineon and DPX digital film file format. These applications include Compressor 4, Final Cut Studio, Adobe AfterEffects, and Telestream's Episode, etc.

With Glue Tools Cineon/DPX Toolkit for MacOSX, you will be able to read and write Cineon or DPX digital images in one easy step. You can work directly with the native images files.

Demo Component Features
• Cineon and DPX are imported and exported with a watermark,
• This watermark is a colored bar through the middle of the image,
• Final Cut Pro import panel functions, but is limited to a single clip name,
• Time Code is set to 09:09:09:00 @ 24 fps the in demo version,
• Choose frame number padding from 4, 5, 6 or 7 digits,
• Supports 8-bit, 10-bit and 16-bit Cineon LOG, Linear and Video DPX files,
• Currently supports QuickTime’s 16-bits RGB or 32-bit YCbCr Pixel buffers,
• Supports QuickTime 7.6.6 under MacOSX 10.7.5 to MacOSX 10.9.5 and later.

Version 4.0

Glue Tools Cineon/DPX Toolkit is compatible with Apple's Compressor 4. Full GPU Acceleration has been added to Cineon/DPX Toolkit for MacOSX. 16-bit DPX files with full Alpha Channel support is now available. A GPU accelerated 3DLUT FxPlug Filter has also been updated to provide improved playback and responsiveness. With the FxPlug Filter, 3DLUTs can be used from within Final Cut Pro 7 or Motion 4. These improvements add to large array of standard features that come with the package.

FCP importCustom Settings using Glue Tools Cineon/DPX Toolkit in Compressor 4

FCP importFull Integration into Final Cut Pro 7

With the Cineon/DPX Toolkit, productions can import and export Cineon or DPX sequences right into Final Cut Pro 7. No additional processing is required. Metadata from the Cineon and DPX files also goes directly into Final Cut Pro 7, along with the Time Code and Imagery. Information concerning color choices, shot notes, and other slate information is passed from the Cineon or DPX header right into Final Cut’s XML format. Also, Cineon or DPX frames can be exported directly out of Final Cut Pro. No rendering needed. The Glue Tools Components are ideal for sending DV or HD shots off to Digital Intermediate.

On capable systems with high speed storage, the Cineon/DPX Toolkit for MacOSX can easily playback your Cineon or DPX footage. On slower machines, including laptops, the ability to "scrub" through a shot, is now possible. Regardless of the system's capability, Cineon/DPX Toolkit enables any QuickTime application to have a Cineon or DPX frame flipper "built-in."

When the components are used within Apple's QuickTime Player, the production staff has the ability to create QuickTime movies out of a range of Cineon or DPX frames for later review. With this solution, the production staff can preview Cineon or DPX sequences on their own laptops or desktop computers. If they have the cinematographers/colorists LUT files they can even see the frames as they were intended.

3d lut

Built In 3DLUT Support
Many DI and Color Grading packages are able to generate a 3DLUT to define a look. The Cineon/DPX Toolkit can use these 3DLUTs to allow you to share the artist's intentions.

Supported LUT files include Apple's Color 3D LUTs, Pandora 3D LUTs and LUTher 3D LUT text files. Other formats will be added in future updates.


Need to change the aspect ratio of your footage? The Cineon/DPX Toolkit has the ability to unsqueeze your imagery using a number of popular aspect ratios, without modifying the original.

Have lots of shots to export from your Final Cut Pro project? Send them to Compressor! The Cineon/DPX Toolkit now includes a set of Cineon and DPX encoder plugins. You can now send sequences to be rendered to Cineon or DPX frames, while preserving the highest image quality. If you have a Qmaster render system set up, you can cluster a group of machines to render your footage, saving you that much more time.

time code
Time Code

Time code is loaded right into any QuickTime application that supports time code tracks. Reel names (time code track labels) can also be added for applications such as Final Cut Pro. During export from Compressor, time code can be baked into the DPX header, as well. You can use the time code track that is provided by your application, or manually override it before saving out your sequence.

Many hardware and software vendors offer the ability to embed metadata information into the Cineon or DPX frames. A feature of these components is to retrieve these bits of information and make them available to your tools or applications. Final Cut Pro is already supported by the Cineon/DPX Toolkit. But for your application, a development API is available to allow your custom application to have direct metadata support.

Frame Rate
The Components now offer the ability to Override Preset Frame Rates. This makes the Cineon/DPX QuickTime components the ideal way to re-time shots from 24FPS to 23.98. Any combination of Frame Rates can be Overridden. When combined with the ability to Override Time Code Rates, the ability to simulate Telecine is possible.

Independent filmmakers will find this to be the ideal solution, when exporting their HD projects out to film. With QuickTime and these Components, Indy Filmmakers can convert their entire project into Cineon or DPX sequences, so that they can have them color corrected at a DI facility, and then printed to film. With the new addition of the Compressor 4 plugins, you will now be able to batch render your sequences for high quality processing. Combined with Compressor 4, tasks such as scaling imagery, burning in Time Code, and even frame rate conversion is now possible.

Need to find that frame?
Cineon/DPX Toolkit is integrated into the Finder. You can see a thumbnail preview of a Cineon or DPX sequence by simply clicking on a frame. Spotlight plugins are also available so that you can search for frames based on notes, timecode or keycodes in the file’s header. With Cineon/DPX Toolkit, “Get Info” now has the ability to display information from the Cineon or DPX headers.

Customer Feedback
“I do not know where I would be as a post artist without Glue Tools, as Bob's plugin is one of the most advanced tools available to complete the high end Final Cut Studio workflow. The Glue Tools plugin streamlines the DPX post workflow better than any other tool on then market, with it my FCS/Kona setup is a fully integrated DI suite with complete control over the high-quality DPX files. With the ability to handle original timecode and keycode, S-two and Codex Metadata support Glue Tools is the must have tool for DI or a simple 2K RED workflow.”
Gary Adcock, HD and Film Consultant
Studio 37, Chicago, IL

System Requirements
Minimum Requirements:
- Intel Mac
- Mac OS X 10.7.5
- QuickTime 7.6.6
- 1280 x 1024 display

Recommended System for Playback:
- A High-Speed ATI or NVidia Graphics Card.
- MacOSX 10.9.5 (or later)
- QuickTime 7.6.6
- Dual 1920 x 1200 Displays
- Thunderbolt, SAS, SATA, Fiber-Channel RAID or SAN

Supported Application Suites:
- Compressor 4
- Final Cut Studio 3
- Telestream Episode 6.4
- And many others

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