ARRIRAW Toolkit for MacOSX & Demo Features
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The ARRIRAW Toolkit allows you to easily work with your ARRIRAW(.ari) footage. With the ARRIRAW QuickTime component, finder is fully aware of ARRIRAW files and includes support for Spotlight, Previews, and basic QuickTime Playback. Other applications that are QuickTime aware, will also work with ARRIRAW file format.

On Set Quality Control
With the Glue Tools ARRIRAW Toolkit, you can quickly QC your take before moving on to the next shot. This toolkit will let you check color (using the very same color science used in your camera), exposure, metadata (time code and frame rate) as well as data integrity. Simply by dragging and dropping a file on to Quick Time player.

Benefits of Glue Tools in Post
With Glue Tools' plugins, you can load and play native raw files directly inside your editing package without rendering or transcoding. As the footage is completely raw, you have full access to the meta data and the color science that the camera hardware uses. You can modify the color of each individual shot non-destructively, leaving the original raw files unchanged. Glue Tools is not a color grading plugin but instead faithfully reproduces exactly what the camera shot.

Demo Features

  • Supports all models of Alexa cameras.
  • Reads ARRIRAW (.ari) files with a Water Mark (A Red Bar through the image.)
  • Final Cut Pro import panels for ARRIRAW limited to importing a single clip.
  • Final Cut Pro import panel is limited to importing a single ARRIRAW Clip.
  • ARRIRAW Time Code is Fixed to 24 fps in the demo version.
  • ARRIRAW Time Code time is Fixed to 09:09:09:00
  • Supports QuickTime 7.6.6 under MacOSX 10.8.3 Mountain Lion and MacOSX 10.7.5 Lion

ARRIRAW QuickTime Component
ARRIRAW is fully supported through QuickTime, which will perform all of the importing, playback, debayer, Exposure, ASA and color correction functions to the movie. All applications that use QuickTime can access all aspects of the ARRIRAW files. Applications including Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Compressor, can import and play these files without any sort of conversion or preprocessing steps. For the ease of portability with other users, you can quickly and easily convert an ARRIRAW image sequence to any other QuickTime movie format.

Time Code
Time code is loaded right into any QuickTime application that supports time code tracks. Reel names (time code track labels) can also be added for applications such as Final Cut Pro. During export from Compressor, time code from the ARRIRAW image sequences can be baked into your destination media.

Many hardware and software vendors offer the ability to embed Metadata information directly into the ARRIRAW frames. A feature of these components is to retrieve these bits of information and make them available to your tools or applications. Final Cut Studio support is provided by the ARRIRAW Toolkit. With this package, Final Cut Studio will be able to embed the Metadata from the ARRIRAW footage, and preserve it inside your project files.

Spotlight Plugins
The Spotlight Plugins enable your system to see inside the ARRIRAW image header. The Finder can extract specific information from ARRIRAW files when it does a "Get Info." You can search for time code, frame rates, encoding information or even "shot notes" from the "project" field. Simple shell scripts can also take advantage of the spotlight services and sift through frames for specific data.

Need to change the aspect ratio of your footage? The ARRIRAW Toolkit has
the ability to unsqueeze your imagery using a number of popular aspect ratios, without modifying the original. Preset Ratios include 1.78, 2.0, 2.35 or you can choose your own aspect ratio by entering a custom value.

Anamorphic 2:1 unsqueeze with ARRIRAW Toolkit.

With Glue Tool’s Cineon/DPX Toolkit
ARRIRAW Toolkit in conjunction with Glue Tools' Cineon/DPX Toolkit allows users to export ARRIRAW footage to high quality dpx frames. The combination provides universal access of ARRIRAW footage to many industry-wide visual effects, editorial and color correction packages.

With the Cineon/DPX Toolkit, the process of embedding time code, adding slate notes, adjusting the frame rate and exporting DPX files is significantly easier. It's the ideal way for footage to be color corrected and then printed to film, exported to DCP or used for broadcast.

Exporting a New Movie from QuickTime Player
For the ease of portability with other users, you can quickly and easily convert an ARRIRAW image sequence to any other QuickTime Movie format. You can do this by opening a ARRIRAW sequence using QuickTime Player, and then selecting the "File->Export...". Select your codec, location and filename as you would with any other movie, and start the export. It is that easy.

Importing an ARRIRAW Sequence into Final Cut Pro
Final Cut Pro will treat ARRIRAW image sequences exactly the same way it treats other QuickTime Movies. To import an ".ari" sequence, select the "File->Import->Glue Tools ARRIRAW Import..." menu item, and locate and click on your movie. Your movie will now appear in the browser. If a Time Code track is enabled, it will be attached to the movie as well.

System Requirements
Minimum Requirements:
- Intel Mac
- Mac OS X 10.7.5
- QuickTime 7.6.6
- 1280 x 1024 display

Recommended System for Playback:
- A High-Speed ATI or NVidia Graphics Card.
- MacOSX 10.7.5 (or later)
- QuickTime 7.6.6
- Dual 1920 x 1200 Displays
- Thunderbolt, SAS, SATA, Fiber-Channel RAID or SAN

Supported Application Suites:
- Adobe Premiere Pro 5.5 or later
- Avid Media Composer 6.0.x
- Compressor 4
- Final Cut Studio 3
- Telestream Episode 6.4
- And many others

How Licensing Works
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How To Buy
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